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Convince your parents of your love marriage by making them meet him/her: The first step to convincing your parents of a love marriage is making them meet your girlfriend/boyfriend. Don’t even go into any discussions with them before making them meet your special someone. The purpose of this meeting is to establish to your parents what a perfect husband/wife he/she will make for you. Coach your girlfriend/boyfriend accordingly before this meeting Disclaimer: I’m not talking about putting up a fake face to your parents. I’m only emphasizing that they need to put their best feet forward when they meet them).

After coming in contact, our pandit ji will first like to see the birth horoscopes of the two persons in love. He is erudite and expert in making extensive and intensive observations on the birth horoscope, and also in making flawless and constructive analysis of the astrological elements and factors involved in this regard. The most significant observations and analyses will be regarding the prevailing and dominant characteristics of the two persons, chances of compatibility between the persons, elements and planets in support of peaceful and harmonious love-life or married life, factors and planets likely to disturb domestic harmony and progress, overall results of the horoscope matching for marriage, corrective measures for certain imperfections or likely occurrences, and other topics necessary for living a married life of close understanding, happiness, and domestic prosperity.

Convince your parents of your love marriage by creating a mutual relationship: An even better thing to do however, is to introduce your girl/guy to your parents as a friend of yours, at least a year before you plan to marry. Help them know each other and familiarize with each other. Later when you bring up the question of marriage with your parents, you’re talking about someone they know very well.

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